Shandong Academy of Eye Disease Prevention and Therapy

Shandong Academy of Eye Disease Prevention and Therapy is the corporate units approved by the Shandong provincial government and focuses on the prevention and therapy of eye diseases, involving in the basic, clinical and preventable research. Professor Hongsheng Bi, the tutor of a Ph.D. Candidate, is the deputy to the national people's Congress, the "Taishan scholar" distinguished professor, the president of the Affiliated Eye Hospital of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the president of Medical College of Optometry and Ophthalmology of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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The employees of the Academy are a team of domestic and international researchers with either post-doctoral, doctoral or master's diploma and the team is comprised of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine researchers. The Academy consists of a laser confocal microscopy laboratory, a cytology laboratory, a molecular biology laboratory, an immune biology laboratory, a biochemical laboratory, a pathology laboratory, a pharmaceutical laboratory, an instrument analysis room, a laboratory of eye fundus microcirculation, a laboratory of Ophthalmology and Optometry, and has formed four main research directions which are prevention and cure of uveitis with combined traditional Chinese and Western medicine, refractive diseases, lens disease and diseases associated with vitreous and retina. The Academy has made a great breakthrough in research, and the research projects have been identified as "international first" or "international leading" levels. The Academy has been an advanced rank of national eye institutes, and has been entitled the national key clinical discipline, the national key combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine discipline, the national vision analysis of the third level laboratory, the key eye disease control laboratory of Shandong province, and the key laboratory of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has become an important base for the research of eye disease prevention and treatment.

In recent years, the employees of the Academy have managed and participated in the national Natural Science Foundation, the national science and technology support program, the branch project of national 973 project, the key special subject of ministry of health, the provincial key research project and the natural science Fund of Shandong province more than 124 items. The Academy has established a long-term academic cooperation and exchanging relationship with University of Louisville, New England College of Optometry and University of Washington. Thirty-five achievement awards in scientific research have been identified as the international initiative, up to the international advanced level, and have won the second award of the National Science & Technology Progress, the first award of Shandong provincial Science & Technology progress, the first award of National Science and Technology of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine.